Terms & Conditions

Booking Conditions, Rates and Rental Agreement Form

We require a four week security deposit payable in advance when booking. The deposit will be refunded at the end of your term provided you leave your room the way you got it.

Our rates can be found on the booking pages which has the floor plans with specific rates for each rooms on it.

Once again, please note the academic year letting term is 1st September - 31st May, this can be extended if required.

We have a minimum stay period of two - three months from 1st June - mid August. Students who have stayed with us for the previous academic year are allowed to extend their stays into June, July and August if required, they are not bound by the minimum stay period over the summer months.

The booking deposit is four weeks rent, this will become your security deposit refunded after departure.

Rental payments for the academic year can be split into three instalments, 
1st September, 
24th November and 
23rd February.         

Rental payments can also be paid every 8 weeks in advance if required.

Please see full rental agreement HERE which needs to be signed and returned back to us.